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How to budget monthly

I’m not a big fan of complex or complicated. I like things simple and easy to maintain. That’s why I created some simple monthly budget pages. An envelope system for your finances is great, but I find that also having a monthly plan can get you to think more strategically about your money. This is …

portable office

Portable office ideas

Even though we tend to have different interests and responsibilities, we all have at least one thing in common. We all have bills to pay and papers to keep track of. I’ve tried several methods of organizing bills and papers through the years. In the end, I realized that working with my current habits and …

container principle
Money basics

The Container Principle

Do you have any empty shelves in your kitchen cabinets right now? The answer is a big – probably not! Do you know why? Because it’s human nature for us to fill containers up, and when we fill a container, we tend to get another container. That’s why we tend to fill our cabinets, our …