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Even though we tend to have different interests and responsibilities, we all have at least one thing in common. We all have bills to pay and papers to keep track of. I’ve tried several methods of organizing bills and papers through the years. In the end, I realized that working with my current habits and routines is far better than trying to establish new ones. I spend most of my time at my kitchen table, so my portable office is in my kitchen.

Let’s look at some ideas for portable offices. By portable office, I mean a small, movable system for paying bills and filing papers. We don’t need a devoted room or desk to pay our bills. We just need a system and a couple tools to make sure bills are paid on time, and the papers we do need to keep are kept in an orderly fashion.

First, let’s take a look at a short video of my portable office system. As I said, I spend a lot of time at the kitchen table. We homeschool at the kitchen table, so I sit there with my coffee to help them with their subjects. If bills need paid, it’s only natural to take care of that while I’m at the table.

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If you sit at the table a lot, a similar set up may work for you. Many people have a “control center” in their kitchen, which includes a calendar, incoming and outgoing mail, and a simple filing system. Include a spot for bills, envelopes, and stamps, and you are all set. Here are some items that would work well in a “control center” set-up.

If you move around more, a pouch or portfolio system may work better. A zippered case that opens up and holds a notebook, pens, your bills, stamps, and possibly a small calendar could work very well. Keep it in a handy location, and simply grab it when you need to deal with bills.

If you have a devoted desk or office, a portable feature may still come in handy. A small upright organizer or basket with a handle can sit neatly on your desk, but also can be moved if you want to pay bills in the kitchen, for example.

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I hope these ideas will get you thinking on how you can make a portable office work for you. For any system to work, it needs to fit within your current habits. Take a look at a typical day in your life. Do you spend a lot of time at your kitchen table like me? Make sure your portable office is kitchen-based. Are you more likely to pay a bill while in your recliner watching TV? Use a pouch or portfolio that you can open on your lap. Do you tend to small tasks while in waiting rooms or on the go? Again, a pouch or portfolio will be a secure way to transport your bills.

Paying bills is not a fun task, but at least we can make it do-able with a pretty, streamlined system. I pay several of my bills online on my phone, but for the rest, I’m glad I took the time to set up a system that works for me. What system do you think would work best for you? Do you already have a good system? Take a picture and share it with us in the comments.

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