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We are shamefully attached to our smartphones. It can’t be denied. Knowing this, I have made a personal effort to limit my phone use to activities that are actually beneficial – activities like tracking my business and personal finances, checking email, and making a little extra spending money. Today, I’m going to share 3 money making apps with you. I personally use all of them and have successfully received pay out from each of them.

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maney making apps


This is a nifty app that allows you to save money when you put gas in your car. The idea is simple. Participating gas stations post a per gallon discount in the app each day. When you open the app, you will see a map of your area and the participating gas stations. They list the current price and the available discount so you can get the best price on gas. (Note that the discount will be reflected in your total in the app, and cashed out, not a direct discount at the pump.)

All you need to do is decide which gas station you plan to go to, claim the offer for that gas station, and pump your gas within 4 hours. Pay with a debit or credit card, and make sure you get your receipt. Take a picture of your receipt with your phone, and that’s it! You can cash out to Paypal at any amount. If you would prefer a gift card, you need to get to $10 first.

It’s not a huge amount of money, but an extra $10 here and there can be very helpful. Your potential for a little extra cash goes up when you get your friends to download and use GetUpside. When your friend first uses the app, you both will get an additional 15 cent discount for that first fill-up. After that, you get a penny per gallon every time your friend fills their tank.

A gentle reminder: Make sure you get your receipt! I filled my tank the other day, and received a blank piece of paper lol. I had to walk in to get another from the cashier. I simply held up my blank piece of paper and said, “This isn’t going to work.” He was super helpful and gave me an actual receipt.

What I love about this app: I have to put gas in my car. I love that I can save a bit of money each time, and put it towards something special. I also love when I get a notification that one of my friends just filled their tank!

Here’s how to get it: Go to Getupside and download the app to either your android or iphone. Use my referral code once installed to get an additional 15 cents off per gallon for your first fill-up.

My referral code is: HEIDI2433


This app couldn’t be easier to use. If you are willing to swipe an ad when you open your phone, then this app is a super easy way to make a little money behind the scenes. Smore pays you 10 cents a day for placing an ad on your lock screen. Just doing that adds up without any input from you. If you want to speed up your earnings, they also have options such as watching ad videos or completing surveys.

I checked my payout history and discovered that I had earned over $100 from this app! That is mostly from the lock screen, and watching a few ads here and there. I don’t like to do surveys. The required payout amount on this app is very low, last I checked only $5.

What I love about this app: I don’t really have to do anything to earn money with Smore. I always cash out to gift cards, and I receive an email with my gift card code in less than 5 minutes every time.

Here’s how to get it: Download the app here. It is currently only available on Android. Use my referral code to get 25 points (equivalent to 25 cents.)

My referral code is: WT0QH8


Have you ever tried to use coupons only to discover that you don’t buy the items that the coupons are for? I buy a lot of generic brands, so coupons or apps that offer discounts on brand names are next to useless for me. Shopkick is set up differently. Their purpose is to promote new items and check availability in the stores. They pay you to simply find items and scan them. You don’t have to buy anything to make money with this app. Now, if you do choose to buy one of the items, you get paid much more. All you need to do to claim the extra amount is take a picture of your receipt.

This is not an app I would recommend using when you take your children to the store. It could quickly dissolve into utter chaos. But, if you are able to go to the store alone or with only one or two children, this app is super fun to use. The items to scan are listed by department. I love scanning in the beauty department. You look for the items, and when you find one, you scan the UPC code with your phone. That’s it! It’s like a store wide scavenger hunt.

If you organize your shopping list by department as well, you can move efficiently through the store, and make a little money at the same time. Thus far, I have earned $25 in Amazon gift cards.

What I love about this app: I don’t have to buy the items to get paid! I also can usually earn a $5 gift card within two trips to Walmart.

Here’s how to get it: Download the Shopkick app. Use my referral code to get a 250 point jumpstart! (equivalent to $1)

My referral code is: EARN822925

What will you spend your money on?

When I cash out to Paypal, it goes right into the household budget, but when I cash out in Amazon gift cards, I might treat myself. Recently, I got some nice headphones for both myself and my husband. What would you treat yourself to?

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Do you have some favorite money making apps? I’d love for you to share your successes in the comments below.