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dollar store items
Frugal living

Dollar store survival skills

I recently ran into my older sister at the dollar store. We chatted while we went through the aisles, and I managed to go through checkout first. I looked back at her and bragged, “$35!” As we were loading our car, she came out of the store, and with her arms in the air in …

container principle
Money basics

The Container Principle

Do you have any empty shelves in your kitchen cabinets right now? The answer is a big – probably not! Do you know why? Because it’s human nature for us to fill containers up, and when we fill a container, we tend to get another container. That’s why we tend to fill our cabinets, our …

jar of money
Envelope system

Envelope system quickstart guide

After almost 30 years of managing my finances, or the lack thereof, my absolute favorite way to handle my money is the envelope system. The reason is simple: it works! I can make sure I have enough money to pay my bills, save for the future, and maintain my recordkeeping system. If you need to …

Money basics

Need or want?

My mother-in-law, Marcia, was raised after World War II, and when she was married, she was fully responsible for using their money wisely. She had a set amount of money to use for groceries, and learned how to purchase enough food for five people. Her top piece of financial advice is to question every purchase …

Money mindset

An open hand

My desire is for you to free yourself from the stress that poor financial decisions can bring. I understand what it feels like to lie awake at night because I don’t know how I’m going to pay a bill. I remember that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I opened the mail. …

Envelope system

How many categories?

As you may have seen or heard in the past, an envelope system is a simple but effective way to manage your money. You determine categories for your spending, and what percentage of your income needs to be in each category to pay for your obligations. This works particularly well to make sure you have …

Envelope system Teaching children

My first envelope system

Have you heard of the envelope system for managing your money? The concept is very simple. You create categories for your spending, such as food, house payment, utilities, etc. Then, you label envelopes with the names of your categories. When you acquire money, you split it into the categories. When the money in the envelope …