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3 Money Making Apps

We are shamefully attached to our smartphones. It can’t be denied. Knowing this, I have made a personal effort to limit my phone use to activities that are actually beneficial – activities like tracking my business and personal finances, checking email, and making a little extra spending money. Today, I’m going to share 3 money …

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How to budget monthly

I’m not a big fan of complex or complicated. I like things simple and easy to maintain. That’s why I created some simple monthly budget pages. An envelope system for your finances is great, but I find that also having a monthly plan can get you to think more strategically about your money. This is …

container principle
Money basics

The Container Principle

Do you have any empty shelves in your kitchen cabinets right now? The answer is a big – probably not! Do you know why? Because it’s human nature for us to fill containers up, and when we fill a container, we tend to get another container. That’s why we tend to fill our cabinets, our …

Money basics

Need or want?

My mother-in-law, Marcia, was raised after World War II, and when she was married, she was fully responsible for using their money wisely. She had a set amount of money to use for groceries, and learned how to purchase enough food for five people. Her top piece of financial advice is to question every purchase …