Do you have your own online business? How is it doing?

To be honest, that can be a rather difficult question to answer. It can’t be measured in social media followers, or analytics.

How do you know if you are successful, or whether you can afford to invest in more equipment, or training, or a monthly subscription for a service? How do you find the leaks in your business, the places where money is disappearing, but with no real benefit to your business?

You need a clear picture of the ins and outs of your business in order to make wise decisions. You need accurate information to be able to gauge how you are doing, and what you need to do moving forward.

Are you in the dark when it comes to your business?

I have been the owner of an online business since 2010. For much of that time, I did not have a clear picture of how I was doing. I started by scrambling to collect the needed numbers just in time for tax season. As my business grew, I was able to refine my methods and my record-keeping skills. Recently, I was able to add professional bookkeeping software to my business and was amazed at what I discovered.

I was spending money on things like advertising that had no positive effect on my business. How could I be spending $360 on ads that didn’t bring me a single sale? The numbers glared at me. I also saw what a mess I had made by not separating my personal and business finances. Now that I have a clear picture of my business, I have made several changes that have already had a positive impact.

I want you to have a crystal clear view of your business. Understanding your business finances is like shining a light in a dark room. When you have the numbers and understand them, you can make good decisions in your business and move ahead with confidence. I know you are awesome at whatever your business is, whether it be creating and selling products, or offering consulting, but if you don’t understand the numbers, you are holding yourself back.

I would love to help you get a better view of your business through the numbers, while you make your business amazing through your individual talents.

I am a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, and I can help you get your business finances in order. Once your numbers are in place and accurate, then you can evaluate your business and make good decisions for the future. You will also be well prepared at year’s end to either do your own taxes, or hand your financial reports over to your accountant.

I have two options available to help you get started with Quickbooks accounting software. These options are for business owners new to Quickbooks, and run their business online. (Examples: Woocommerce, Etsy, blogging)

  • OPTION 1: I can help you set up Quickbooks for your business and give you training to work with the software to best advantage, as well as teach you productive workflows to keep track of sales, receipts, and more. This option is a one time package including phone and email training for $500. I will help you through the first two months to make sure you are comfortable. If you need more time, we can add that to the price. You will need to cover your own monthly Quickbooks subscription.
  • OPTION 2: I can get you set up in Quickbooks and keep track of all your bookkeeping remotely. This option will require a little work from you, such as scanning receipts and helping me understand your business. The rest is up to me. Each month I will check all your numbers, make sure all your business transactions are accounted for, and go over your financial reports with you to help you understand how to make your business better. Monthly bookkeeping fees start at $125 (depending on the size of your business) and include your Quickbooks subscription. I will reevaluate your monthly fee annually to accommodate any additional bookkeeping work in your growing business.

Are you ready to get a thorough and accurate view of your business? Please send me an email with a brief description of your business, and which option sounds most helpful to you. I’ll get in contact with you to set up a phone consultation.

You can contact me at

Important: I am not offering payroll or tax services.